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African and Oriental Travel Co.

Cardiff,  United Kingdom
  • Booth: 3026

The African and Oriental Travel Company welcomes you.


Imagine diving on a wreck in the Red Sea that no one knows the name of? Its a new dive, based upon a sonar scan, which in turn is based upon a fisherman consistently snagging his nets? This is the kind of dive trip we love to organise. Imagine sitting by a bend in an almost dry river in Tarangire National Park. Watching elephants shuffle zebra out of the way so that they can drink. You've been there for two hours watching this ongoing wildlife scenario unfold before you. And then out of the corner of your eye, you glimpse what you think is the tail of a leopard. This is the kind of Safari we love to organise. Imagine scuba diving around an iceberg in Antarctica. That is the sort of adventure we love to organise.

We have organised unique dive adventures since 1996.  From Antarctica to St Helena Island to Yap, to New Guinea to Zanzibar.

Having lived in Africa for 20 years we know Safaris. Ask us about Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia Namibia or Zimbabwe.

We welcome dive shops and have special rates for small and large groups.

Please Email info@orientafrica.com for your tailor made itinerary. Whatsapp +447736872259  


Booth: 3026