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Shark Stop Australia Pty Ltd.

Dinmore,  QLD 
  • Booth: 2046

Welcome to Shark Stop – Where Safety Meets Innovation!


Discover Shark Stop: leaders in shark-resistant wetsuit technology! Using advanced polymer fibers, our suits are scientifically proven to reduce the severity of shark bites, offering superior protection for surfers, divers, and ocean lovers. Our mission is to enhance your ocean interactions, letting you explore with confidence. Designed in Australia and meticulously crafted, each suit blends functionality with sustainability. Experience innovative marine safety at our DEMA booth and see why divers choose Shark Stop for unrivaled security and comfort in shark-inhabited waters. Dive in with us and embrace the ocean without fear.

  Show Specials

  • Get ready for our exclusive DEMA Show special! Enjoy a 20% discount on all Shark Stop wetsuits, featuring advanced shark bite-resistant technology. Don’t miss this chance to upgrade your ocean gear with our top-of-the-line, eco-friendly wetsuits. Visit us at DEMA to take advantage of this limited-time offer and dive into safety and style.


  • Shark Stop Wetsuit
    Experience superior protection and flexibility with Shark Stop wetsuits. Featuring shark bite-resistant technology and eco-friendly bio-neoprene, available in front zip for reduced water entry and back zip for easy access. Ideal for surfers and divers....

  • Shark Stop wetsuits combine cutting-edge shark bite-resistant technology with the highest quality materials. Crafted from eco-friendly bio-neoprene, our suits offer exceptional durability, flexibility, and sustainability. Choose from front zip styles for reduced water entry or back zip styles for easy access, ensuring the perfect fit for any ocean adventure. Designed in Australia and meticulously crafted, each suit ensures maximum protection without compromising comfort. Ideal for both surfers and divers, Shark Stop wetsuits empower you to explore the depths with confidence and peace of mind. Dive into the future of ocean safety with Shark Stop.

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Shark Stop

Booth: 2046