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Hong Kong Panda International Co., Ltd.

  • Booth: 7121

Panda Liveaboard: Elevating The Dive Experience


Experience the ultimate in liveaboard diving with Panda LOB. Every detail is meticulously curated to surpass your expectations. Dive into the extraordinary as we redefine your Indonesian liveaboard adventure.

Embark on an unparalleled underwater adventure with Panda LOB, where luxury meets the depths of the ocean. Our liveaboard diving boat is carefully designed to cater to discerning divers who seek a personalized and high-end experience beneath the waves.

At Panda LOB, we prioritize exclusivity by offering small group sizes, ensuring an intimate and tailored diving experience. Our expert crew is dedicated to providing full attention, creating an atmosphere where every diver's unique preferences and needs are met.

Relax in hotel-style rooms designed for comfort, offering a tranquil haven after thrilling underwater exploration. Divers immerse in plush surroundings, blending relaxation with adventure seamlessly.

Savor oceanic delights with our premium dining options. Our chefs deliver culinary excellence, crafting dishes from the freshest ingredients. Enjoy gourmet meals that enhance the diving experience.


    The Panda is 39 meters long, 7.5 meters wide, and features a three-story deck. Hull section is made of fine ironwood, while other parts are constructed by high quality teak wood and other Indonesian originated materials.


  • The Panda is designed and constructed following the style of Indonesian Traditional Phinisi boat, consists two main masts and seven sails, is a brand new luxury Phinisi hotel. Adopting boat building skills originated from Bugis and Makassar in the South Sulawesi region of Indonesian, which is today, the Ara artisan. The Panda was born in 2018, hosted and supervised by the most famous boat building family in Indonesia.The collaboration of traditional skills with years of experience in the Indonesian liveaboard diving industry has created a remarkable boat. The Panda can accommodate up to 14 guests and is designed to provide personalized service to small groups. Panda has 7 spacious and comfortable guest cabins. 4 upper deck cabins reserve an adjustable selection between king and twin beds.2 standard cabins and 1 exclusive membership cabin are located in the lower deck. All cabins have LED lightning, air conditioning, desk, hotel level beddings, bedside reading light, sufficient sockets and charging ports, hair dryer, as well as an en-suite facility with separation of wet and dry area. 

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Panda Liveaboard

Booth: 7121